Since 1982 Top Floor Computer Systems has enjoyed a close relationship with our clients. We think of this relationship as a partnership, where our contribution is to provide innovative and cost effective solutions to business needs, ongoing support for that solution, and pro-active participation in our client's growth in the form of technical consultation.

  • Consulting: If you have a plan we can show you how it can be implemented while pointing out any weaknesses that may exist. If you don't have a plan then we can work with you in developing one. Some of the questions answered may be :
    • Can it be done?
    • Can I do it?
    • How much will it cost?
    • How long will it take?
    • What factors will lead to a successful project?
    • What resources do I need?

  • Business Needs and Process Analysis: Is there a better way of doing this? That is what we answer here. Developing a thorough understanding of the process being studied and how it relates to the business as a whole, is the key here. We generally find this to be a learning experience for both us and our client. Often process have been in place for some time without a broad based understanding of their goals and relationships to other processes.

    This is also where objectives are clearly defined and limits imposed, if necessary, to ensure success.

  • Solution Concept: Various solutions are proposed here, each with an associated cost and time frame. Often these solutions are staged so as to attack the most cost effective or time critical pieces first. For larger or more complex projects proof of concept software may need to be created. The tools we use are particularly suitable for creating these 'visual' applications quickly.

  • Procurement:We can help with the procurement of software and hardware from third parties. From request for proposals to bid comparison we can assist, wherever necessary, to assure you of the right products at the right price.

  • Custom Software: The development of innovative business software is the most obvious of our services. Software designed 15 years ago is still in use today! We continue to develop customized solutions using the most up to date tools and technology, with an emphasis on user input during the design phase, and feedback after implementation.

  • Hardware Requirements: It may be that all you need is advice on what hardware to purchase. Whether a first time purchase, or an upgrade, we can make recommendations based on current software demands and possible (or inevitable) future expansion.

  • Network Design: Data is power, and the more people that share it, the stronger a company can become. A well designed network is more than the sum of its parts, but only if those parts are carefully selected and tuned for maximum efficiency. Whether it be connecting two machines in the office, or hundreds of machines over a wide area network, we can help.

  • Solution Installation and Testing: Correct installation of each component is critical to the success of the whole. Managing both hardware and software installation correctly, then thoroughly testing both must be done before committing your business to a new technology or business process.

  • Disaster Recovery Planning: It will fail; despite all our best efforts, somehow, sometime, disaster will strike. Top Floor will advise, educate and implement backup and recovery systems that, if carried out, can minimize the effect of any failure.

  • Solution Support: After all the decisions have been made, the solution designed, implemented and tested, there remains perhaps the most important part of the project...the training and support of the end users. Top Floor encourages end user participation in the design and testing phase and considers the training of end users an integral part of the project. Efficient use of the tools provided to employees and enforcement of standards lead to greater profitability. After all, profitability is what this is all about.

    Ongoing support programs are offered to all our clients. E-mail, telephone, remote access and on site support are available at very reasonable rates. It is the many long term relationships of which Top Floor is most proud.

We recognize that while we do a great deal, we can't do it all. If a job is beyond our capabilities we will tell you. If we feel that the current process is as efficient as an automated, or computerised replacement, we will tell you. If a portion of a job is beyond our expertise we will call upon experts in that field and leverage their experience and training.

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