Top Floor is essentially a custom software developer, however some of our solutions have broader appeal. Listed below are some programs that fall into this category.

Court Order Interest
This is the program used throughout the British Columbia Court System to calculate interest payable as a result of a Court ruling. The program generates simple interest schedules based on rate tables, and it does it very efficiently. The program is supplied with five up to date rate tables used within both Provincial and Supreme Courts in BC. These tables can be maintained by the user, and new ones added for special cases.

Used by Banks, Credit Unions, Crown Corporations, Lawyers and Financial management companies, this program provides a fast and accurate method of generating, saving, printing and exporting interest schedules. Saved schedules can be recalled at any time, edited or expanded, and re-saved. Full repayment history is maintained.

If you have any reason to calculate simple interest schedules this is a must have program. No more errors or rejected schedules! It will pay for itself in just a couple of uses! - Available in 16 or 32 bit versions. Requires Windows 3.11, '95, '98 or NT4.0

Asset Illustrator
An easy to use program to assist Financial Managers to generate a number of scenarios to assist in explaining investment strategies to clients. Interest and inflation rates and investment distribution are all configurable and generating multiple scenarios for comparison is supported. The following illustrations are included:

  • Funds Allocation: Demonstrates the effects of distribution investments between cash, fixed income and equities.
  • RRSP Growth Projection: Simple growth schedule for a standard RRSP
  • RIFF Schedule: Simple RIFF payout schedules.
  • RIFF / Unregistered Schedule: A more complex illustration dealing with both registered and unregistered sources of funds. Clients minimum requirements, if entered can be indexed to inflation, and deductions made to include tax liability.

Top Floor has a long history in newspaper and advertising distribution. Solutions provided over the past 10 years are providing both paid and unpaid distribution control to community newspapers and regional distributors servicing millions of addresses.

We are currently in the process of updating these offerings and hope to have a first release by the end of the summer.

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